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LSU – Louisiana State University    
– Monmouth College
UM – University of Michigan


English Literature


Student Evaluations

Academic Argumentation (2011)  &  (2012)
Intro to Short Story & Novel (2008)
College Writing (2007)

“I used the skills I learned in this class this semester while writing essays for other classes. The skills this class teach[es] you are worth way more than the half credit this course is. I believe that with [Professor Will] teaching it that it should be upgraded to a full course credit.”  –Monmouth business student

“Katie was amazing – as a graduate student I was not expecting such a well run course. She did such a wonderful job planning and executing the syllabus and her coordination of the materials was masterful. She let the students dictate the course of the discussion and her facilitation was spot on.”   – UM literature student

“I really enjoyed taking this course for a number of reasons, and the instruction received in it was a big factor. She clearly explained each and every writing assignment, in class and via email and [the course website] to reinforce the requirements. You could tell Katie truly cared about the success of her students and strived to have everyone participate. Katie’s teaching skills were phenomenal, I really enjoyed having someone with such knowledge and desire to teach be in charge of my class this semester.”  – UM writing student