Service & Training

Co-Organizer, “How Not To Get a Job” (Monmouth College)

  • 3-part series with Career Center Director Stephanie Kinkaid, Business Professor Tom Prince, and Communication Across the Curriculum Coordinator Bridget Draxler
  • Assist students with crafting resumes and cover letters

Co-Leader, Early Modern Colloquium (UM)

  • Managed a $4,000-7,000 annual budget
  • Ran an annual workshop and lecture series
  • Organized four conferences featuring faculty keynote speakers and student presenters from across the US and UK
  • Designed programs and publicity materials for the group (see images below)

Graduate Student Mentor, English Department Writing Program (UM)

  • With co-mentor Steve Engel & former Writing Program Director Anne Curzan
  • Organized pedagogy colloquia
  • Assisted instructors with teaching strategies
  • Created community spaces for sharing ideas and resources
  • Judged First-Year Writing Prize competition
  • Designed informational and promotional materials

Graduate Teaching Consultant, UM Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT)

Participant, CRLT Preparing Future Faculty seminar

Communications Chair & Department Steward, UM Graduate Employees Organization


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